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Customer Care - FAQs

  • Commitments to Product Safety
    Not Tested On Animals

    BEAUTE ME is committed to upholding the highest standards of safety for all the products it makes and sells. We adhere to the most rigorous standards for product safety so that our customers can purchase and use our products with complete confidence.

    Shaping an Alternative World without Animal Testing

    BEAUTE ME passionately believes that ending animal testing is a benefit for consumers, animal welfare and industries.

    We want you to know

    Each and every ingredient used in our product has been thoroughly reviewed and safety testing requires a collaboration of experts across several sciences and our internal safety team to ensure the excellence and quality of all products brought to market.

    Our products contain ingredients of the highest quality. The levels of concentration of all ingredients in our products are safe for consumer use.

    We stopped to use animal testing of cosmetic ingredients.

    By continuing to innovate, we are able to assess acute effects of new ingredients with alternatives only.

    We are committed to continuing our key contributions to develop non-animal alternative methods which will ultimately permit the elimination of animal testing. BEAUTE ME confidently and proudly stands behind each and every product that we sell, and we pledge that we will always uphold the highest standards of safety for our customers around the world.

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