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Each formulation goes through the extensive ‘real life’ testing, it means the products must be overwhelmingly loved for their results before launching. All designed products are to offer you the most effective way to treat the existing skin ailments, and as a precaution against any unpredictable skincare issues.

The founder has over 20 years’ experience in the skincare industry as a wholesaler and a trainer. She has extensive cosmetics and skincare experiences on the different aspects of this field. We devoted our passion to skincare. We keep providing our all-rounded professional trainings for the knowledge of skincare at the professional beauty salons and the spa centers. Besides, every formulation is developed with a holistic philosophy merging Asian beauty principles with the state-of-the-art ingredients owing to our comprehensive knowhow.

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    “BEAUTE ME” is the world's first fusion style’s skincare brand. By adapting the leading technology in skincare concept, a breakthrough series of powerful component of skincare products is developed against the traditional one. It has extensively offering highly concentrated, pure and active skincare blended with several GMP Manufacturers around the world, such as United States of America, Australia and Europe etc. All of the products are conducted using state-of-the-art non-invasive technology that delivers sustainable results, rivaling other invasive procedures.
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